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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have an Amazon account. How do I sign up?

We have instructions available to walk you through the process of setting up an Amazon account. Click here to read them.

How do I work my Amazon Fire Stick remote?

Click on the image below to enlarge these instructions.

Watch the video:


Can I get TV Now?

TV Now is an awesome service available exclusively to fiber Internet customers with 25 Mbps or faster Internet.

Can I use my old TV for WST TV Now?

Some older TVs can.  Click on the link listed below for details about an HDMI converter that may be purchased to make the Amazon Fire Stick compatible with your TV. 

HDMI Converter for Amazon Fire Streaming Stick, Google Chromecast, ChromecastUltra & Other HDMI Sticks. Use Streaming Sticks with Older TVs That Have Composite (red/White/Yellow) Inputs.

How does TV Now work?

TV Now is a full featured, streaming TV app that you download and install your favorite streaming media devices including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android. You can access your subscription through the TV Now app that runs on your streaming device.

What features are included?

TV Now is packed with free features you’re going to love! Your subscription includes free HD. You’ll also receive Replay TV and Restart TV and can pause and rewind live TV!

How do I sign up for TV Now?

It’s easy to sign up for TV Now. Simply call Wheat State Technologies to sign up at 1-800-442-6835, sign up online, or visit your local office.

Can I use Alexa with WST TV Now?

Supported Client Devices

Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV

Supported Alexa Devices (Voice Input)

The following Alexa devices (all generations and models) are supported:

  1. Echo
  2. Echo Dot
  3. Echo Spot
  4. Echo Show
  5. Echo Look
  6. Fire TV Cube

Other non-Amazon devices with in-built Alexa such as Sonos smart speakers are not yet certified.

Setting Up

  1. Open the Alexa App
  2. Open Skills Section
  3. Search for the skill as defined at the time of submission
  4. Select the skill
  5. Select Enable (Account Linking Required)
  6. User will be displayed Operator’s (skill provider) login page
  7. Enter the login credential (same as the TV app login)
  8. If the login credentials are correct, success message will be displayed (“Skill Name” has been successfully linked.
  9. Select done
  10. The user will be prompted to select the video device (select TV in this step)
  11. User will be prompted again to select the Alexa device to link to the skill and account
  12. Skill is ready to use after the last step

Supported Voice Commands

Alexa Video Skill supports a wide range and most commonly used voice commands:

  1. Channel Change: This command allows user to change channels. Example phrases:
    1. Alexa, tune to channel 112 (channel number)
    2. Alexa, tune to CNN (channel name)
    3. Alexa, turn to channel 112
    4. Alexa, change channel to 112
  2. Search: This command allows user to initiate search and display the search results on the Fire TV App. Example phrases:
    1. Alexa, search for Law and order (program name)
    2. Alexa, search Game of Thrones (movie name)
    3. Alexa, look for Black Panther (movie name)
    4. Alexa, look for
    5. Alexa, find CNN (channel name)
    6. Alexa, find Wonder Woman (movie name)
  3. Start Content Playback: This command allows user to directly start playback of specific content. Example phrases:
    1. Alexa, tune in to CNN
    2. Alexa, switch to CNN
    3. Alexa, Play Channel CNN (channel name)
    4. Alexa, Play Channel 112 (channel number)
    5. Alexa, Play Guardian of the Galaxy (movie name)
    6. Alexa, watch Nightcrawler (movie name)
    7. Alexa, stream channel 112 (channel number)
    8. Alexa, stream CNN (channel name)
    9. Alexa, stream CNN (channel name)
    10. Alexa, start ESPN (channel name)
    11. Alexa, start 100 (channel number)
    12. Alexa, start (channel number)
  4. Pause: This command allows user to Pause currently playing program. Example phrase: Alexa, pause HBO
  5. Resume: This command allows user to Pause currently playing program. Example phrase: Alexa, Resume HBO
  6. FF: This command allows user to Fast Forward currently playing program. Example phrase: Alexa, Fast Forward
  7. Rewind: This command allows user to Rewind currently playing program. Example phrase: Alexa, Rewind
  8. Start Over: This command allows user to Restart currently playing program (if program has start over rights). Example phrase: Alexa, Start Over
Can I get assistance with installation?

TV Now is super easy to self-install as it’s an app you just add to your favorite streaming device. We can also help you. For support, you can call Wheat State Technologies at 1-800-442-6835 or browse our other FAQ questions for more tips.

How do I record shows?

Select the program you would like to record in the guide. The menu will give you several options including Play and Record. Navigate to Record and select it. If it is a series, you can select to record only this episode or all episodes. You may also then go back into the scheduled recording and edit the series to start or end later.

What is Restart TV?

Restart TV is a great option available with select programs and channels that lets you start the program you are on from the beginning, even if it’s half over! Never miss the beginning again! It is available with most channels. When you see a program you want to start over, select it and press play. Depending upon the device you are using, it will either have an option immediately to select Restart or after the program begins, a prompt will ask if you’d like to start from the beginning.

What is Replay TV?

Replay TV is an amazing feature that allows us to offer up to 7 days of previously aired programming and is available with most TV networks. Did you miss the big game yesterday? No problem! Just go backwards in the guide and watch it. Want to watch a movie that aired three days ago? That’s a breeze too! The possibilities are endless! To view available networks with Replay TV, click here. In your guide, to view recently aired programs, bring up the guide and then press left. A tab will appear. Select the Replay button. You can then view available content and watch it or record upcoming content.

Can you fast-forward shows in restart or replay mode?

The fast-forward feature is available when watching DVR recordings. It is not available when watching live TV, Restart TV or Replay TV.

Can I watch TV outside?

Absolutely! As long as your device is connected to your home wi-fi connection, you can watch it anywhere around your house!

How do I access settings?

Press the remote button to bring up the guide. Navigate to the fourth icon from the left and select. Navigate to the icon on the top right and select. From settings, you can set up parental controls, manage user profiles, and sign out of the app.

How do I get my username and password?

If you are not currently a customer, call Wheat State Technologies at 1-800-442-6835 or visit your local office to sign up and receive your username and password.

Are parental controls available?

Yes, you can access parental controls in the settings. By enabling parental controls, a PIN is required to play content with TV-MA, R, or NC-17 ratings.

How can I use my smartphone as a remote?

You can utilize your smartphone or tablet as your device remote. To do so, go to the app store of your device. Download the remote control app for your device. App names are Amazon Fire TV Remote, Apple TV Remote, and Android TV. Follow the individual instructions for the app.

What if a get an error that all streams are being used?

Simply go to one of the streaming devices that you have recently watched TV Now on, go to Setting, and log out of the TV Now app.  This will stop that stream. 

How do I connect via Apple TV?

Click here to view our instruction manual or visit Apple TV Support.

How do I connect via Amazon Fire TV?

Click here to view our instruction manual or visit Amazon Fire TV Support.

Can I use the WST TV Now app on my Amazon Fire Tablet or Kindle?

WST TV Now app is not available for the Amazon “Fire” Tablet or the Kindle.  These were developed as “e- readers” and don’t have the appropriate hardware to run the TV app.

How do I connect via Android TV?

Click here to view our instruction manual or visit Android TV Support.

What do I do if my app seems slow to load?
1 option: CLEAR CACHE
  • Click on Home button
  • Arrow right to settings
  • Arrow down once
  • Arrow Right to Applications – Click okay
  • Arrow Down to Manage installed applications – Click ok
  • Scroll down to WST TV Now – click okay
  • Scroll down to clear cache – click okay
  • Wait until Cache has 12:00 or 0:00
  • Click Home button
How do I contact support?

Visit our support page or call 1-800-442-6835.

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